Discover Medical Devices’ SomnuSeal is a revolutionary self-adaptable oral Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) mask that was designed to solve the main problem facing sleep apnea patients and their physicians – very low compliance levels due to cumbersome masks that cause uncomfortable side effects and make adjustment and nightly use extremely difficult.

The patent pending CPAP mask builds on the world-class expertise of the company’s medical team by employing principles that are well known in the art of complete denture prosthodontics. The result — a non-obtrusive CPAP mask that uses the natural oral cavity anatomy to create the seal required for effective CPAP treatment but is much more comfortable than any other solution.SomnuSeal oral CPAP mask

Besides being self-adaptable to every user, the SomnuSeal CPAP mask is also much smaller and less obtrusive than existing masks, and does not come into contact with any sensitive oral or facial structures. It also makes use of the phenomenon of habituation which, for example, helps people quickly get used to wearing complete dentures.

Because Discover Medical took a completely different approach to designing the SomnuSeal compared to existing CPAP masks, it dramatically reduces adjustment time for Sleep Apnea patients and does not cause any of the typical side effects, such as dry or stuffy noses, facial skin irritations or abrasions, sore eyes and claustrophobic sensations.

The SomnuSeal mask is available in one size that fits all.

CE Mark class 2 was received on Q2 2010