Rediscover Sleep

Discover Medical Devices is proud to introduce
the world's first fully self-adaptable CPAP mask.

Designed with the sole purpose of improving
the lives of Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients,
our revolutionary new CPAP mask will help
you finally sleep comfortably through the night.
Last updated 04 Dec 2012

The SomnuSeal CPAP Mask

Learn more about the SomnuSeal and its benefits for Patients, Professionals and Distributors.

Please contact us directly for clinical information,
to be notified when the SomnuSeal is available
in your region, or to find out where you can see
a demo of the revolutionary new CPAP mask.

Latest News

New -- The SomnuSeal show great promise - we deiced to make it smaller in view of users requests Please join our crowd funding campaign - make a great CPAP mask into the best CPAP mask